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How we make sure
we’ll still have
potatoes to love
in the faraway future

As a family business looking at
the long term, we’ve always had
sustainability in our core DNA.
Here’s how we keep our business


Our strategy in a nutshell >
We make you grow is our purpose.
Growing together. Building long
term business relationships
together with each single stakeholder.
A sustainable growth for
every link in the chain.

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Sustainable growth is what we aim for

Let’s grow, but not at the expense of our planet.

• 2030 strategy

• Environmental and social commitment

• Become one of the most sustainable producers of frozen potato-inspired products


Our goal by 2030

Grow by 50,000 tonnes of
potato-inspired products a year

= 1,300,000 tonnes in 2030

2 clear ambitions

We want to make Agristo one of the most sustainable producers of frozen potato-inspired products

Social commitment.png

Social commitment
Promote health and wellbeing

Environmental commitment.png

Environmental commitment

Reduce the Agristo footprint by cutting our own carbon emissions in half and by investing in sustainable water use and in full circularity

How we will make it happen

We don’t have or believe in a separate sustainability strategy at Agristo. Sustainability is integral to our business strategy.


The 23 goals that will get us there

Raw materials

Environmental commitment.png

-10% of main raw materials

-10% of other ingredients


We want to do more with less. Use less materials and ingredients per tonne of finished product, and produce the same yummy products.

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Our sustainability report


Click to read!


This is our third sustainability report. Our first report was initiated by our founders, and the second one was published when the second
generation took over. With this third report, we want to lay a strong foundation for the generations to come, preparing our company for the challenges lurking around the corner.

Previous reports

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